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Garcia is founder and writer of the website of which is the original basis and impetus for the writing of this book the Portal of Light.


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  • Portal of Light, the conscious and time travel conduit of the Zohar


  • Learn how the Hermano-Shepherds are able to see a Portal of Light to follow to provide comfort for the birth of the Emmanuel.


  • Learn how Albert Einstein and Herman Minkowski Theory of Special Relativity analysis for the order of the universe is directly related to the relativity of the Portal of Light.


  • Cordoviero Tree of Life


  • Learn the cryptic meaning of Kabbalist techniques


  • 33° Latitude market, the new Jerusalem


  • How Ladino and Hebrew words are secretly integrated into the play.


  • The concept of PARDES, the Kabbalist written techniques to conceal concepts and words


  • How phrases of the Torah, Old and New Testament are woven into play without readers knowledge


  • How character names provide link to cryptic history


  • Concealed historic characters and figures


  • Sharing of Astrological concepts by Jewish mystics